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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Reworking designs.

So, I decided to do a set of necklaces to honor the Legend of Zelda franchise and poll some online communities I frequent for help in refining my designs.  I got a lot of information about new ideas and ways to spruce up my designs.  To all of you guys who gave me helpful suggestions and hints, I really, really appreciate it and THANK YOU.  <3

But anyways, I decided to do a set of LoZ necklaces mirroring the spells from Ocarina of time, Dinn's Fire, Farore's Wind, and Nayru's Love, like I did with the bracelets.  I've actually already got Dinn's Fire finished, and Farore's Wind mostly planned out, but I feel like Nayru's Love could use some work. 

Nayru's element is water, so I wanted the design to be fluid and streamlined, however, it looks TOO plain next to the other designs I cooked up.  Gotta figure this one out.  Suggestions?

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