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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

To Infinity and Beyond!: Scarves

You've all gotten the memo, seen the trend, heard the buzz...  Get it?  Buzz? 

Courtesy of Samm Bennett's Flickr
Yes that's Buzz Lightyear wearing a scarf.  Even he knows that scarves are the in thing right now.  They have scarves for all seasons: thick, thin, sheer, opaque, bandana styled, ascots, regular old scarf scarves and even Infinity Scarves.   No.  Not scarves times infinity, but a specific style of scarf that forms a continuous loop. 
The Infinity Scarf is a versatile fashion accessory that can comes in a variety of widths, lengths, colors and materials.  You can do just about anything with an infinity scarf.  It's continuous loop design keeps it from slipping from your neck and enables you to adapt it to suit your needs.  You can wear it as a cowl, layer it around your neck like a regular scarf, loop it over your head like an opera length necklace, cross tie it around your body to make a comfy beach top and even use it to tie up small children.

Courtesy of Pinterest
 Simply by changing up your accessories and how you position the scarf, your infinity scarf could act as other garments you wear regularly.  Belts, vests, cardigans, shawls.  You name it. 

Check out this video where SecretLifeOfaBioNerd shows us how to wear a wide infinity scarf 21 different ways.  

The other great thing about infinity scarves is that they are so, SO easy to make on your own.  
With that said, I'll conclude this post by announcing that I will be posting a brief infinity scarf tutorial in a day or two and that I MAY run a contest.   Keep your eyes and ears open!


  1. Hi and congratulations for winning that guess whatever the heck that was on Mich in L.A.! I had to check you out cause those "guess what" posts drive me batty and I wanted to see who in their "right" mind could win. I never could guess anything correctly and am very proud that you did. I think Mich secretly sits back rubbing her hands together to see what she can come up with to cause chaos with my brain. Enough said, btw, I'm your newest follower . . . oh, and, you're not a witch are you? LOL!!!

    1. Thank you so much for following me! Guess what posts drive me nuts too, because I like to figure things out and mentally take things apart. Mich's guess the thing is a challenge and I LOVE it.
      She loves it too, I'm sure. 83 I might be a witch, or I might be a weirdo with too much time on my hands. lol


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