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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fringes and Tassles

You know, my mother posted a little expose about fringes on her blog recently.  As a jewelry designer, I've always loved tassels, fringes, and drapes.  They have a magical way of slimming the face and neck and adding drama.  Who doesn't love a little drama?

In the past, I've been able to successfully create and sell anything with a drape. It's a solid design element.  However, recently, I've gotten away from it because it costs money to gather up proper bead caps, barrel shaped beads that are unique enough to carry the focal of the design and all that darn chain can get really expensive really quickly.

Fortunately, places like Fire Mountain Gems offer some tidbits from Blue Moon Bead's discontinued design lines, like Oriental Express, Lost and Found, and a few others.  You can pick up some great focals to use on clothing, bags, or even your own jewelry items from there for a reasonable price.  That's where I found these adorable golden ribbon and chain tassles.  I featured them in a destash post a while ago.  Take a look.

There they are on the far left.
Now that I've successfully used up some beads and these glorious findings, I will post the designs tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday to make up for the posts you guys didn't get this week.  Sound fair?

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  1. These are cute DD. I'm glad to be an inspiration and thanks for coming to my blog.


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