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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Haute Couture Fashion Show 2011

I'm a terrible person.  No, really, I am.  I didn't tell you what I'd be doing this weekend and I should have.  It was kind of a big thing.  I'm telling you now.  Doesn't that count for something?

Last weekend, the Haute Couture Club of Chicago had their annual fashion show and I appeared in it, had a table, and had some of my pieces featured in the show.  That was pretty awesome.  Anyway, talk to you guys later.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Biznizzy Bizniz Business

I have always had a passion for visual arts.  I draw, I write, and I make jewelry.  If that doesn't scream "PASSION FOR ART!"  I don't know what does.  But anyway, I digress.  Since noticably developing my skills in my crafts, I've heard a lot of commentary.  I mean, A LOT of commentary.  And for each bit of unnecessary dialogue, I have my very own mental response.

 For Drawing:
1.  Why don't you get a JOB doing this?
There's a several good reason for that.  For one, I'd have to find a job doing that.  Secondly, I'd have to be really, really good, which I'm not yet.  Third, if I got a job doing my hobby, suddenly it wouldn't be a hobby and therefore, less fun.
2.  Why don't you draw like you're Black?
Um...WHAT?!?  How do you 'draw like you're Black'?  How do Black people draw? If you mean those super stylized paintings with the faceless black people dancing around, that's not drawing like you're black.  That's the STYLE of that particular artist.  I already 'draw like I'm black' because I am considered black already.
3.  Why do you only draw an-ee-may?
I don't draw anime.  I don't.  In order to draw anime, you have to have a contract with an animation studio.  I don't have one of those.  While I used to try to mimick the anime STYLE, I moved away from that in favor of drawing characters with different faces.  It's all experimentation.
4.  Why don't you write a comic book?
Writing comic books is HARD.  First you have to write the story, then you have to figure out the storyboards and thumbnails.  Then you have to- you know what.  We'll leave it at 'It's a lot harder than it looks'.
5.  Why won't you take my commission for Sailor Moon in catgirl form getting gang-raped by Mario, Luigi, Sailor Mercury and a tentacle monster?
No.  Just...NO.

For Writing:
1.  Why don't you get it published??
Publishing is HARD.  It's all smiling and butt-kissing and royalties and contracts.  Besides, to get something published it has to be an original work, an attractive read for the publishing company, a potential moneymaker, and it has to be finished.  DUH.  If I've only finished two of the stories I've ever written, and they're CRAP, there's no way I'll get Published.  Although, looking at Stephanie Meyer's stuff...I'm starting to think I might be able to...
2.  Will you write me a story?
No.  Write your own.  I am not going to write something for someone and have every little thing getting poked and prodded at UNLESS...You pay me. 
3.  Why don't you write fanfiction for this *insert show/movie/book*?
Fanfiction is about writing about what you enjoy.  If I don't like your fandom, I probably don't enjoy it, have never heard of it, or don't like it enough to invest a lot of time in writing a whole fanwork for it. 
4.  Are you going to be an author?
Technically, I already am.  I AM authoring this blog aren't I?  Hur hur hur.

For Jewelry Making:
1.  Can you make me something like *insert designer item*?
Sometimes, yes.  Most times, no.  See, the thing with designers is that they have copyrights.  On top of their copyrights, they have access to resources, tools, skills and a workforce that I don't have access to.  Maybe the reason I refuse to make that item is because I CAN'T.
2.  Why don't you make things like what they have in *insert catalogue*?
I don't like copying other people's stuff.  Why would I copy their stuff?  Also, See the above answer.
3.  Why don't you make that in *insert color*?
Sometimes you can only get materials in one color.  Sometimes you can get it in two.  Most times, if it comes in more than one color, I don't get it in more than one color because I'm NOT GAINFULLY EMPLOYED.  I can't afford to just go buying materials in every color just because I feel like it.  Also, I don't like every color all the time.  My muse is fickle like that.
4.  Are you going to be a designer?
I don't think so.  Design jobs are notoriously hard to get, hard to keep, and revolve around building relationships within a certain field.  Since I don't know anyone in fashion, not really, I can't expect becoming a designer to be easy.
5.  Why can't I get something like that thing you made for so-and-so?
Usually no.  Why?  Because I use things that are somewhat uncommon.  Most of my really eyecatching materials are either the by-product of an art or sculpture student's projects, or pieces of really old, broken jewelry.  Most times, you can't find duplicates of those things.
6.  Why would you make that??  No one's going to wear it!
I don't get this one a lot, actually, but it has happened on occasion.  The person in question can never see a use for what I've made until I get fed up with not being able to sell it and take to wearing it myself.  Suddenly, they want one just like it.  This statement is something I really hate.  "Why would you make that?" ...The same reason I make anything..  It makes ME feel good.