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Friday, June 27, 2014

Tassels of Glory: 1st Installment

You never know where you'll pick up inspiration.  Mine came from a coworker, who, despite the beauty of Swaroski crystals and other such beads, shuns them entirely because they are glass and 'fake'.  I tried combining Swarovski crystals with some carnelian beads I purchased from Let's Get Stranded (That used to be a bead shop on Roosevelt Road about 3 years ago). 

Combining the tassle's refined air with the simple polished gemstone beads proved to be much easier than I expected.  The Swarovski's sparkle only seemed to enhance rather than to detract. 

The result is this gorgeous sun-kissed necklace. 

It's like a slice of the dessert draped across your skin.  The weight of the necklace and findings is simply divine.  You guys know how I love a nice, weighty piece of jewelry.

Sashay away, Darling.


  1. Beautiful piece of work.. .Every day new ideas of gemstones are emerging its trend and making it more popular.

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    1. Thank you! That's some great information!


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