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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How Charming

Charm bracelets are one of my least favorite jewelry item to make, wear and even SEE.  I've always thought of them as tacky.  When they first became super popular in the mid 90's (that's the earliest time I remember seeing them at least), they disgusted me.  A charm bracelet is essentially a trophy collection that you wear around your wrist.   It's easy to go overboard. 

What a hideous notion.  Keeping everything that you feel defines you dangling off your wrist to show off to the world.  That can quickly become hideously gaudy.  It violates all of my mysteriously present Victorian sensibilities and inclinations against bragging.

While I abhor the idea of charm bracelets because of their tendency to stray into the 'that's waaaay overboard' territory so easily, I have discovered some charm in themed bracelets.  These bracelets operate on similar mechanics and design principles as charm bracelets...however they tend to revolve around a specific theme or aesthetic.

For example, one of my bracelets that has long since left my possession:

Notice the recurring colors, charms and uniform placement of the elements.
This one is a handful of strawberry lockets, enameled beads, and Czech glass.  It follows a  color scheme, uniform pattern, and all of the recurring elements are positioned at different heights so their individual visibility is maximized.  It's not busy and it doesn't look like you put your trophy room on your arm in an attempt to validate your worth as a human being. 

Unfortunately, Themed Bracelets, still fall in the realm of Charm Bracelets, so, there's that.  Well, enough of that.  I'll show you more pictures of my Themed Bracelets so far.

I'm a 'Spooky Kid' so there should be no surprise that Jack Skellington is here.

And finally a Captain America inspired charm bracelet I made somewhat recently.  Well, that's all for this post.  Happy Crafting!

Some photos from Curated Objects.US

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