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Monday, April 7, 2014

Autumn Colors

In case you all have been wondering why I've been posting a lot of strung necklaces, bracelets and what have you, it is because I'm trying to remain active in my craft in spite of being a little ball of aches and pains.  As I said in a previous post, stringing beads is one of the easiest things to do.  Babies can even string beads.

With my hands deciding to drop the tools whenever they feel like it, the damage and frustration from jewelry making can be reduced by working on stringing.  It's so simple and if my hands decide to cramp, I can just put the beads down on my bead board.  I can even set up my design on the bead board and leave it for a later day when my body isn't hurting and my head doesn't feel like I've been stabbed in it.  Just a note for you folks with arthritis and other joint problems: hot water soaks!  Sooooo goood.

ANYWAY.  Leaving off my 'old lady problems', take a gander at my newest creation.  I made it with my mom in mind and it's already in her possession.

Green, gold, and brown, Oh my!

I was actually basing my design on her color palette that she had done a while ago at the Palmer Pletsch workshops.  She sometimes has issues accessories that blend well into her wardrobe.  Since she's a warm autumn, she's got to have lots of rich, earth tones. 

So, I 'donated' this little baby to fortifying her wardrobe. 

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