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Monday, May 5, 2014

Simple Necklace 2: Y Style

Many times, Y-styled necklaces are over looked.  It's not exactly the fashion right now.  However, Y-style necklaces provide some of the same benefits as a simple, long necklace, while keeping the majority of the details high up on your collarbone.  It can help balance out a round, rectangular, and heart shaped faces depending on the length.  This Y-style necklace I made isn't very long, so it actually works with most face types while still elongating the torso and helping you look sleek.

I went for something a bit less 'dressy' though...and added bows for cute.

I don't have many photos for it, but I did make earrings as well. 


  1. Very pretty! "Y" necklaces look fantastic on everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice compliments.

    1. They were earned! You do great work with your tags and other crafts. I love how they all combine very different elements! Thank you for visiting and commenting!


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