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Monday, May 12, 2014


I hate when something I've spent a lot of time on doesn't come out the way I wanted it to.  I put a lot of time, effort and supplies into making these pendants.  I was feeling super inspired and energetic.  I vowed that I'd do it correctly and it'd be awesome and beautiful!


It's CROOKED.  Not woefully so... just a tiny bit.  You can barely even notice it if you're looking at it in person.  But in the photos at a ridiculous magnification like THIS.... you can see it.  I know I'll never be able to sell anything I make from this pendant.

You see, as a person who hand-makes things, I get a great deal more scrutiny than a department store.  It's expected that anything I offer will be PERFECT, even if I offer it cheaper than you could get it from a big box retailer.  Top that off with the high standards that I hold for myself and you've got a recipe for a hissy fit.  Still.  This is fine.  I can still use it to make something...for myself.  It's too junky to try selling.  Maybe next time.

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