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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Etude House: Baby Choux Peach

When I first heard of Etude House, it was from a video by CutiePieMarzia, on Youtube.  Since Marzia has become synonymous with 'adorable adult' in many people's minds, you can already tell that this product line was brain-meltingly cute.  With her invitation to her 'Marzipans' to check out the product, I went on the hunt for more information.
Marzia and other beauty bloggers and Youtubers had featured various Etude House cleansers, primers, lip colors and foundations.  The products were all adorably packaged, reported to have a light fragrance, and seemed to give the users a smooth finish.  Unfortunately, there was a shortage of reviews from People of Color, particularly from those with a skin tone darker than Becca's 'Buttercup' shade.
About this color

After hours of searching, I finally found a review from a girl a few shades darker than myself.  She loved the way the Etude House: Sweet Recipe Baby Choux primer felt, nourished her skin, wicked away oil, and prevented breakouts with her usual foundation.  After a bit more research, I learned that the primer came in three colors: Berry, Mint and Peach.  Peach was recommended for those with dark skintones.  I went to eBay to find some of Etude House's primer for cheap.  They have it on Amazon for $15+ shipping, but some eBay sellers offer it for $9.99- shipping included.  I'll take waiting ten days over spending $15 more to try a new product. 

Now, to give you a bit of comparison, I took photos of my usual makeup results.  Forgive the darkness of the photo.  It was taken in the bathroom with a cellphone.
There I am. 

Beauty products used: Derma E Tea tree oil moisturizer, Ambi Even and Clear Daily moisturizer with SPF 30, American Beauty liquid foundation in shade 11, Covergirl Professional Powder in shade 120.  Avon Glimmersticks eyeliner in black, Maybelline Collosal Volume mascara.  L'occitane Pivione Flora No. 4 lipstick (Just a dab to help even out my lips), Vaseline to smooth out the subtle application of the lipcolor.. There you go.   That's my usual routine

Since I knew that Baby Choux is Etude House's BB cream/primer base, I understood that it was supposed to be your SPF protection, moisturizer and primer all in one.  So I skipped the Dema E, Ambi SPF moisturizer and jumped straight into my foundation right after I applied it.

I look 20 times brighter.
Beauty Products Used: Etude House Baby Choux in peach, American Beauty liquid foundation in shade 11, Covergirl Professional Powder in shade 120.  Avon Glimmersticks eyeliner in black, Maybelline Collosal Volume mascara.  L'occitane Pivione Flora No. 4 lipstick, and Vaseline.

Things I noticed:
This primer didn't make me feel like I was wearing a mask.  It's smooth and creamy, like you'd expect.  Although it initially looks chalky when applying, once it's rubbed in, your skin appears smoother, acne scars seem faded, and pores smaller.  I noticed that I used less foundation after applying this product.  It provided better coverage and looked more natural.  My lip color and eyeliner seemed to glide onto my face.  Since I applied Baby Choux to my lips as well, they looked more pouty.  Since they are already big, I decided not to do that again.

The results you see above were successfully duplicated on subsequent applications of the Baby Choux primer.  I look more natural in my makeup and was frequently complimented on having 'cleared up my skin'.  HA!  Another unexpected, added benefit is that my skin seems smoother and better hydrated overall after using the product a few times per week.  My acne break outs are also less severe. The fact that the product includes pore clarifying extracts could have something to do with that.  Other, more expensive anti-acne primers I've purchased don't yield equal results and often make me feel like I'm wearing a mask. 

I recommend Baby Choux to anyone willing to try it.  As a BB cream or just a primer, it works beautifully.  Just work out the optimal amount for your skin-tone.  In the future, I'm going to try some other products by Etude House.  I was so pleased with their primer; maybe their lip colors, stains and cleansers would work for me as well.

Stay Beautiful!

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