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Monday, April 21, 2014

Skincare: Argon Shower Gel

I don't know about any of you, but I have weird skin.   I drink water, eat fruit and all that to promote healthy skin, but no matter what I do, there's always persistent dryness and random acne breakouts.  Since I was old enough to recognize that my skin wasn't perfect, I've employed an arsenal of skincare products to slather on and scrub off.

Recently, whilst in Marshall's I spied some Argan oil skincare products.  I've had great success with using Argan oil in my dry hair and on my sensitive scalp, so I thought that trying it in skincare products would probably be a great idea.  It makes my hair bouncy and shiny, so why wouldn't it make my skin silky smooth?

I tried Phytorelax Laboratories Olio di Argan bath and shower gel. 

Made in Italia.  So fancy
It was readily available at Marshall's for less than the usual $26 and looked fancy.  The 16.9 ounce bottle cost a total of $6 bucks.  That's no more than my usual, non-luxury shower gel (that's going to be reformulated because it has those fish-poisoning plastic beads in it).

Here's my assessment of this product.

An important property is scent.  They are supposed to make you CLEAN and smell nice.  It's their primary purpose.  We wouldn't make so many kinds if that's not what they were supposed to do.  Well, the scent of Phytorelax's shower gel isn't anything special.  It isn't overpowering or especially fragrant.  It smells like chrysanthemums, so when you use it, you literally smell as fresh as a daisy.  That's nice.

As far as shower gel textures go, this one was unexpectedly thin.  It was surprisingly watery for something so luxurious.  The lather wasn't overwhelming either.  In fact, it barely lathered up at all.  However, this is a good thing.  Things that work into a luxurious lather usually have TONS of salts and dry your skin in the worst way.  Phytorelax's formula has a lot of argan oil and plant extracts instead.  It's got tons of plant acids included as well, so it's like a mild chemical peel on top of being nourishing.

Effects and experience:
I followed my usual shower and moisturizing rituals with this shower gel.  After the first wash, I noted that it literally left me squeaky clean.  Still, there was no real change in the texture of my skin.  At least, I didn't notice it right away.  I found that my skin wasn't as itchy as it usually is.  After the third use, I noticed that some of my eczema patches started to flake off.  The resulting dark marks weren't as bad as they usually are, either.  I found that my skin didn't want as much moisturizer as it usually does and it didn't feel tight or itchy at any point in the day. 

Final Imprission:
This product will leave your skin cleansed and refreshed with just a hint of fragrance and extra moisture.  It doesn't smother your skin with harsh chemicals, salts or silicones.  That limits the amount of irritation you'll suffer later.  While I love how the product made my skin behave and feel after a few washes, I really wish there was a bit of exfoliant in it so I could use it on my feet like I use my regular shower gel.  I'm cautious to complain about it because it did a great job with handling my skin issues, despite not having all the 'perks' my old shower gel has.  I think I'll try tweaking it a bit with some ground avocado seed to increase it's exfoliating power in the future.  We'll see how that goes. 
Until then, give it a try.  You might like it.

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