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Monday, April 14, 2014

Nayru's Love Revisited

Last week, I posted a small collection of photos of a bracelet I'd made with a Legend of Zelda theme, Nayru's Love.  WELL, I went and looked back on that bracelet, re-examined Ocarina of Time and I found that the first bracelet was far too blue.  It needed more silver, more soft, crystalline colors.  So, I made another.

In this incarnation for the bracelet, I decreased the simplicity and increased the drama!  As you can see, there are polyclay resin beads with silver inclusions, pearlized ceramic beads, brightly faceted swarovski crystals, Tibetan silver beads, and silver plated bead caps.

Another, better focused glamor shot.

A slightly less flattering but more details aerial view.

It was fun for me.  I wanted to do a series featuring each of the spells from Ocarina of Time, you know, Dinn's Fire, Farore's Wind...but my Nayru's love bracelets all sell as soon as I finish them.  I'm sure I'll eventually get one completed around the same time I complete the others for a full set... maybe.

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