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Friday, April 18, 2014

Farore's Wind

Sometimes I surprise myself.  I surprised myself with this particular Legend of Zelda piece.  You see, mentally, I associate wind with the color blue, because of the sky.  Well, in the Zeldaverse, the Wind is associated with Farore, who rules over courage and... I'm going to stop before I go into a big tirade about the various mythology in the franchise.  ANYWAY, the wind is associated with the color GREEN.

It's the color of life, wholesomeness, and fresh growing things.  That's part of the reason the color's so closely associated with Link.  In every incarnation he starts from humble beginnings, either he is alone in a forest, orphaned, or otherwise overlooked because he's not good at anything.  But that little guy's got FIGHT in him.

Like the wind and green growing things, I guess.  Constantly pushing against things, slowly eroding them, even if at first they seem immovable.

It was actually hard to put this bracelet to
gether and even now, I'm not sure about it's name.  It feels more masculine and harsh than what I've always pictured for Farore's Wind.  It feels a great deal more Slytherin than anything.  What do you guys think?

I'll have to revisit this concept later.

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