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Friday, March 21, 2014


I've been rather inspired by a lot of golden colors recently.  Maybe it's because I'm longing for the warmth of spring and summer.  Perhaps it's because the snow has blanketed my home and given me aches in my joints that I would sooner forget... Or maybe it's because I have a ton of golden, topaz, and bronze colored beads laying around.  Hmm...

Unrelated, I've been watching National Geographic and they've been hitting all my favorites.  Big cats, deserts, Predators of the Serengeti, The World's Deadliest (Also known as 'everything in or around Africa and Australia').  Couple all that with rediscovering Indiana Jones and you've got a recipe for simple, but magical looking baubles.

That's how we got Sahara.  Once again, findings and pendant rescued from the piles of treasure I've hoarded over the years and put into a useful form.

The majority of the focus for this piece is on that bedazzled pendant.

The aged findings and beads give it a rich, classic feel
I really like this piece.
 I think it would fabulously dress up a rustic, outdoorsy casual outfit. 

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