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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Miasma Necklace

Stringing has got to be the easiest and most ancient of all the jewelry making methods.  You only need a couple of things to complete a stringing project.  It's simple.  Even the most primitive and ancient of cultures has strung beads of some sort.  Furthermore, stringing gives rise to all other forms of beading.

Just 3 steps.
Obtain String and Bead.
Thread String Through Bead
Tie Off string.

Borrowed from Who Does These Things blog.

The simplicity of strung jewelry makes the whole process VERY zen-like.  You have repetitive motion, repeating patterns, and a small simple task to focus on.   In no time, you have a beautiful, enchanting piece at your fingertips, like this one.  

BAM!  In your face!  Look at those beautiful purple resin swirls!

This particular necklace is one of the few times I've used acrylics to create a jewelry piece.  I tend to stay away from plastic beads because they feel kind  However, recently, Jesse James, Darice, and Blue Moon have been producing high quality acrylic beads.

It's a simple pendant with a slightly tribal feel.

Would you wear it?

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