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Monday, March 31, 2014


This is the third post with a liquor inspired piece of jewelry.  Pretty soon, you guys are going to start thinking I have a drinking problem.  FYI, that's not the case.  I'm a lady.  Ladies are prim, proper and conscious of the image they present to society at all times.  Ladies don't have drinking problems.  Ladies cautiously indulge.

You won't believe how hard it was to find a photo of intoxicated women without a panty shot.  THANK YOU, Inspired Women for classier pictures on your website.

Certain beverages have a long tradition of consumption, special rituals, standards and acceptable flavors.  These beverages tend to be highly regarded and seen as points of sophistication.  They are intoxicating in more than one way.  That sends a powerful and, to some, sensual message.  Much like Jewelry does.

That is why I'm posting this piece that I call 'Cognac'.

It features colors common to this historical brown alcohol from France.  It also has an aura or of power and prestige without being overpowering.

I initially started this project to get rid of some left over beads from Brandy.  I was going to make a simple bracelet and call it a day.  Then, I remembered some polyclay beads I'd gotten from a Jesse James strand and decided to take it a bit further.  Thus, this necklace came into being.

I made the pendant out of some filigree and beads from a different project.  It came together nicely.  Here's a closer shot of it.

All in all, this project came together fairly easily and the experience was rewarding.  It freed up some space in my stash, gave my twitchy fingers a break from trying to work the pliers and generated something that makes me feel good.  That's always a plus.

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