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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Stash Blasting 2

In my last post I told you guys the origin story of this.

Today, as promised, I'm going to show you what I did with it and maybe tell you why I think its current incarnation is much better than any of the other possible ones that were brainstormed.  Ok.  Are you ready?  You sure?  Ok.  Here it is!

I call it the Dragon's Amulet
 I made it into a necklace for a variety of reasons.  Making it into a brooch would have removed much of its Muchness as the Mad Hatter would say.  I rather like 'Muchness', so I'm the last person who'd do something to remove it.  I couldn't make it into an earring set because there was only one and it would rip your earlobe clean off.  I also couldn't figure out how to incorporate it into a bracelet or hair clip without silly things happening. 

Such drama.
Initially, I'd wanted to make it into a necklace anyway.  However, there was the problem of finding components that could stand up to all that was going on with that pendant.  In the end, I had to couple some bead weaving techniques, contrary shapes, careful planning, and math (I hate math, but I swear, I use it more in my hobbies than I do anywhere else in life). 

The result was a piece of jewelry that practically EXPLODES with intricacy and richness. 

Look at how the sun bounces off that antique glass.

Thanks for reading guys!  Happy Crafting!

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