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Monday, March 24, 2014

Apple Greens: Playing with Murano glass

For Christmas, I recieved a ton of Murano glass beads from my dear friends, Liz.  Murano glass is a type of bead that is typically hand blown by artisans.  Each bead is completely unique.  I've never really worked with Murano glass before, so I was curious about how to make it work for me.  It was tricky.

Murano glass is heavy, often has slightly irregular shapes and has to be treated carefully in a design.  Because the process of making these beautiful beads is so involved, artists often focus on making truly beautiful beads instead of truly uniform ones.  That can make incorporating them into a necklace design a bit tricky.  Still I pulled it off.  Have a look!

After some careful sanding and selective use of the beads we got this!

Such drama.

Much sparkle.
Alright, that's enough of me imitating the Doge meme.  This necklace was really easy to make and a great break for my wrists since they've been aching an unusual amount recently.  I wish I could post this on my Etsy, but mom snapped it up right away.  Perhaps I'll make something similar sooner or later.

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