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Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Valentine's Day?

So, it's Valentine's Day, better known as 'Single's Awareness Day'.  It's a commercial holiday designed to stimulate a frenzy of purchasing after the consumer's long January hibernation.  For many, it's a day to be spent with a significant other, doing 'romantic' things with flutes of champaigne.  For others, it's a time to lament spending yet another 'couple's holiday' sitting at home watching rom-coms and doubting themselves. 
Strangely enough, Valentine's day's tradition had nothing to do with couples.  It was supposed to be a feast day for Saint Valentinus, who performed marriages for soldiers, ministered to people under Roman rule, and healed sick children.  The tradition of the 'Valentine' comes from the way he used to sign his letters.   Somehow the modern era equates selfless acts with sexy gifts and boot-knockin'. 

WELL.  I'm not on board with any of that creepy stuff.  I don't think it's a day to aggressively assert the value of romance.  I'm actually a bit more fond of its original intended purpose: sharing your true feelings with ALL the people you care about with warm letter or- because we're so modern now- a phone call. 

In the meantime, want to look pretty, red, shiny things?

These key fobs are super cute.  I made a few, but I've only got one left.

This one's got a strong Victorian flavor.  Look up the language of fruit and flowers.

Just something cute and cliche.

An industrial styled wire wrapped pendant on leather cord...
Most of these are necro-posts of things I did before I had a blog, or things that I didn't feel like posting earlier.  Sorry about that. 

This one's got more of a masculine flavor...

A brooch!

Sexy Earrings with a little Chachacha.
I will probably spend the rest of today working on projects or, maybe hanging out with friends and family that I don't get to see that often.  The rest of you, stay away from that crotch floss they're marketing as Valentine's Day lingerie! Do something constructive! 

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