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Monday, February 24, 2014

Edge of Darkness

I couldn't believe that I'd found myself there.  Again.  I'd sworn that I'd never go back.  It was a waste of money and my talent was sure to become muddied with temptations.  Yet, here I was, once again.  I hadn't meant to stray there, but a need for supplies and waning inspiration had been gnawing at me.  The knowledge that so much would be left unfinished clouded my mind and dogged my every step as I tried to move on to new projects to stem the turning tide of motivation.  I needed firepower. 

So, there I was, in that place, that dreaded place.  It sprawled before me ominously, cheery facade hiding the truth within.  It is our demons that cast the most beautiful lights when we lay eyes upon them.  And this was mine.  I swore I wouldn't go back... but there I stood, legs trembling as an old thrill awakened within me.  I didn't rush into that place.  I had to pace myself, brace myself.  You can't afford to be excited and titillated before you even reach Mephistopheles.  That means he's already won.

I told myself that I wouldn't go there again, but I had needs.  I had requirements, necessities, really and so, I pressed on.  I walked in steady, heart steeled against the devil's tricks and wallet devoid of everything that would encourage me to buy more than I had come for.  I marched down the aisles, blind to all but what I came to retrieve.  My resolve was strong.  I would not succumb to the tricks of the mind or appeals to my senses.

Still, They were unfazed by my rigidness.  They glittered, writhing in a messy soup of undulating, enrapturing madness.  Vibrant, garish frocks dripping in jewels and lurid colors.  All of them painted with exciting shades of red with bold black letters. ...The clearance section of Michaels..

That's where I found the parts for this bib style necklace.  I used 3 pendants to construct it and used a modification of the figure 8 stitch to assemble the beads into a wide enough beaded chain.  She came out quite elegant, if I say so myself.

Close up!

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