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Monday, February 10, 2014

Industrial Strength Necklace

It's been a struggle keeping up my momentum recently, but I'm doing my best to put the Crafting Supplies of Years Passed to good use.  I have some truly bizarre things in my stash...  Sometimes, it's  much more difficult than I'd like to admit to pull together a good design that sticks with the trends and my aesthetic.  Here is another bauble that I made out of the treasure trove of findings I uncovered not too long ago.

First, is a stodgy and imposing sort of pendant.  It's composed of a large, heavy, dull gray steel ...wheel?  I don't know what the heck it is.  It was interesting and unusual and I could see possibilities.

It's a necklace and a bludgeoning implement.

The 'wheel' acts as the focal, drawing attention towards itself with its heavy shape and sparkling rhinestones.  I didn't want the necklace to look like a grungy chain with a rock on it, so I added some swarovskis and a tassel at the end of the focal to feminize it a bit.

Still, the industrial look of this particular opera length necklace isn't for everyone.  Thanks to the copious sparkle, it CAN be worn as an edgy accessory to a more formal outfit or to dress up a very casual ensemble. 

As I was struggling to get good pictures of this design, I kept thinking that I needed a model to help me truly showcase it.  Sorry to bother a cliche, but the photos do it no justice.  Anyone know anybody who'd pose for pictures in sparkly stuff in exchange for small gifts?

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