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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Google deleted my blog favorites.

because this is how women dress when no one's looking

I am ticked.  I got up with the intention of checking my blog favorites for new posts before updating my own blog and what do I find?  A big fat NOTHING!  ZIP.  ZILCH.  NADA!  NOTHING.  Except, this annoyingly chipper message, "You don't have any favorites added yet. Copy and paste the blog URLs to add them to your favorites list!"  I swear!  If computers weren't so flipping expensive, I'd have hucked mine out of the window.

What's worse is this GLITCHY little update made me feel stupid!  You know, computer and application makers LOVE to make updates that change around how things are organized and where they appear on the page for NO BLASTED REASON: So, I kept thinking, "Maybe I'm going to the wrong part of blogger dashboard.  I'll keep looking!"  NO!  I wasn't.  I was going to the absolute correct place, but that didn't matter.

SOMEHOW this 'New Blogger' update seems to think that my favorite blogs list is for the trash!  So if I somehow UNFOLLOWED you, it's not because I hate you or don't like your blog, it's because this wretched program decided to say, "You don't need to look at these, LULZ!"  and totally troll-faced me!

EDIT: And then when I post a rant on it, my blog favorites magically reappear.  That's it Google.  I AM WATCHING YOU.

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