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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Memebox Special #44 Very Berry: PART TWO

The next product I tried, of course was the lip color.  Mine came in the Cherry Punch color.  It's reported to adjust the pH level, moisture level, and prevent moisture loss.  Sounds like chapstick- well.  No it doesn't.

Yadah's lip tint has a faint, natural-smelling cherry scent and literally melts into your lips.  Shortly after applying, my lips seemed to soften and smooth.  They looked plump.  I mean... I have fat lips to begin with, so they ALWAYS look plump, but they looked lifted.  This lip tint gave me a lip lift.  A dab of lip gloss over the tint brought them to the full pout I usually sculpt into being. 

After about 4 hours the lip tint was gone because I was eating and drinking.  That aside... the scent of the tint lingered, just as advertised and, stranger still, my lips were still soft, supple, and hydrated.  I decided to test this one again.   This time, for a longer time frame.

I put it on before I left for work, didn't add gloss.  The tint survived 6 hours, until I had lunch and wiped my mouth off.  It wasn't until I hit the 7.5....closer to 8 hour mark that my lips started to feel a little dry.  This is a notable feat because the hospital I work in has air is as dry as the Sahara.  I put a little more on to renew it.  It held until I took my make up off.  I think if I had added the gloss, it would have stood up better.

For a lipstick, it falls short.  For a tinted lip balm, I must admit, it works BETTER than chapstick and the creamy long-lasting effect is on par with MAC creamy lipsticks.  Chapstick feels waxy.  MAC lipstick smells like crayons.  The Yadah lip tiny was creamy and left my lips super hydrated and plump.  No more chapstick for me.

Here are some photos of my bare lips, then 1 coat of the lip tint, and finally 2 coats.  After two coats, it's pretty opaque and kind of glossy on its own.  After 3, watch out.  It starts to get runny.




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