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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Memebox Special: eBay

Now, you all know I'm a bargain hunter... but with memebox that's actually not necessary.  Each regular sized box costs about $23 bucks and contains from 4-7 FULL SIZED HIGH END BEAUTY PRODUCTS.  Full sized.  Not sample.  FULL.  Get that in your mind.

On average, the products included will cost from $10-$25 each.  So, if you get 1 15 dollar item and 3 $5 items, you've still spent less than you would have if you had bought them separately.  I can't do any better than that.  My Google-fu and eBay-jitsu is not as mighty as the memebox bargain. 

Unfortunately, memebox's set up doesn't cater to those of us with specific tastes.  They announce a box 3 months before it actually ships, give it a theme...and you have to wait until they're sold out or shipped before they will actually tell you what's in them.  The only thing you know is that each box will always include some sort of cleanser, moisturizer, mask, and lip balm- at the very least.  Even then, a lot of memebox's good or really interesting boxes sell out FAST.

A lot of the boxes that I knew I wanted to try had already sold out, so I waited.  I kept missing the new boxes as they were released.  Then, one day, on a whim, I typed in memebox in eBay's search bar and BAM!  People were selling their memeboxes. 

As it turns out, the mystery effect memebox shrouds their boxes in leads to people ...overbuying.  The results are a bunch of folks with boxes full of things they can't use, have too many of already, or they don't like.  The effect?  A surplus of memeboxes sold on eBay.  "Used" memeboxes anyone?

Now, under normal circumstances, I'd be afraid to buy something like this from eBay.  A USED beauty product could have anything in it.  However, a "used" memebox is a horse of a different color...  You aren't buying a single, used product.  You're buying a used box.  There may be one or two products missing, but all the others are still tightly sealed in their original foil and shrink wrap packaging. 

The best part is: memeboxes for less than $20.  I bought one- I mean... a few.

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