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Friday, July 4, 2014

Lorule Low-down

While I haven't played a Link between worlds, I've watched a bit of the Let's plays available on youtube to keep myself from turning in fits over the fact that I can neither afford a 3DS XL or the game itself.  Not only does it have solid gameplay mechanics reminiscent to the ORIGINAL Legend of Zelda game and Ocarina of Time, but it's got a nice feel and the whole concept of a mirror-image shadow world plays into the affection for books like Journey to the Center of the Earth and old theories that the world was composed of layers of vastly different 'worlds' with slightly different mechanics and creatures living within them.

That aside... the aesthetics of Lorule, the dark version of Hyrule, are really easy to get into.  Even though the motifs are similar to Hyrule's bright, shiny filigree and scrollwork, they are decidedly dark and cold.  I like dark, cold colors.  So here's the first bit of fanart I've made for the crumbling kingdom of Lorule.

Almost a perfect color match for the purple elements in the Lorule side of the game.

Reminds me of Lorule's incarnation of Zelda..

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