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Monday, January 19, 2015

Berry Body Lotion

I'm very picky about my body lotion.  I suffer from both dry skin and extremely sensitive skin.  Furthermore, my skin is prone to hyper-pigmentation.  I got a papercut on my hand two weeks ago and when it healed, it developed eczema and turned as black as a dog's nose.  I need a lotion with some serious UMPH!

To be honest, I wasn't even going to use this one.  However, one day, like the idiot I am, I found that I had forgotten to buy body lotion, so I had no choice.

Initial Impression:
Well, it's in a flexible red and white tube.  The product is thin, but creamy.  The smell is like a berry medley with some floral undertones.  It's not overpowering.  I don't expect it to moisturize my skin very well, but it bears trying.

Well, this product gives you a long lasting, light berry and floral scent, just as I expected.  It did next to nothing for my super dry skin, also, as I expected.  It's moisturizing effects lasted for four hours at the most.

If your skin is relatively moist and only needs a little hydration, this lotion is great.  If you need all day moisture, good luck.  You'll have to mix this one with a dollop of Vaseline or coconut oil to get the skin nourishment you want and need.  At least it smells great. 

Note: Apparently, there's a whole line of skin care with this scent.  I would be intrigued because I love the scent, but the lotion did nothing for me so... no.

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