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Friday, January 30, 2015

Pure Plus Cocoon Returning Toner

Forgive the lack of structure for this post.  I celebrated my ability to avoid getting the flu during cold and flu season a bit too early, I think.  

As a rule, I don't use toners.  They make my skin feel weird.  Most toners are really astringent and irritate my skin.  HOWEVER... I found this particular toner on Memebox in their 1+1 special not too long ago.  It's called ...well, it's in the title of this post. 
Borrowed from Canyoucwhatisee because I was too lazy to photograph.  Check her out!

Pure plus Cocoon Returning Toner is actually really gentle.  It doesn't smell very strong and it leaves your skin lightly moisturized and hydrated.  It has ingredients like witch hazel and B vitamins.  It is supposed to help with fading dark marks and moisturize your skin.  I also found it to be very versatile.  Particularly because well, I ran out of make up removal wipes.  I was able to put some of this wonderful toner on a cotton pad and clean off the makeup really well, actually.  This stuff is going to be my new best friend- right up there with my Borntree Vitaberry cleanser.

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