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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fatal Frame Charm Bracelet

I play more video games than Zelda series additions.  Unfortunately, I have this horrible condition: I always get stuck on the stupidest, easiest task.  Every RPG, action adventure, fantasy, and platformer has a set of levels or mandatory minigames that involve skills that have nothing to do with the regular game play.  You know what I'm talking about.  The race, the timed task, the weird trivia game.  They all have one and I always get stuck on it.  Oh.  I can take down your toughest boss, but I can't break all the barrels in 30 seconds.  It's a personal flaw.

I also can't play horror games without screaming and crying.  I'll admit it.  However, I can make a mean charm bracelet.  This one is themed after the Fatal Frame franchise.  I was staring at some of the charms my dear friend gave me last year and some random beads from an assortment I bought not too long ago.  I also found some silver camera charms. 

Originally intended for something, else, these particular charms and beads looked GOOD together and reminded me of something I'd played a long, long time ago.  Fatal Frame.  You know, that horror survival game based on the old belief that having your photo taken steals part of your soul.  It sends you running around in haunted locations with a cursed camera, defeating ghosts by capturing their essence in Polaroids. 

I did something different with this charm bracelet. Not only did a I use a variety of dark beads and add much more to it than I normally would.  I also added some chain tassels between increments of beads and charms to give it more depth.  It gave the bracelet and interesting and charmingly sparkling appeal.  Pretty fitting for a bracelet based on a game that involves photos stealing souls, huh? 

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