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Friday, August 8, 2014

Fruit Snacks: For Nostalgia!

How many of you guys used to eat Fruit Snacks when you were younger?

You  know.  Fruit snacks.  Those fruity gummies that everyone thought were healthier than gummy bears and starburst because they were shaped like fruit and had artificially added vitamins to them.  They tasted like 'fruit' too.  Ha! 

When I went to high school fruit snacks fell out of favor as the go-to sweet because all the demands of an over-scheduled teenager required more calories than eating fruit snacks could efficiently provide.  What I'm saying is, that 4 dollar box of not-candy didn't have the maximum caloric punch possible for the effort it would take to buy it, carry it, store it, open it, and eat it.  There were heartier snacks available for cheaper.  I left the fruit snacks behind.

Recently, I stumbled on them again in the grocery store.  Same brand, slightly different name, revamped packaging.  They were waaaaay cheaper than I remembered.  Twenty packages of fruit snacks for the same price as a 6 pack of fruit snacks back in the day.  On a whim, I bought them.

I couldn't wait to try them...again!  They weren't quite what I remembered.  They were sweeter, not nearly as tart and you couldn't seen the weird vitamin crystals in them any more.  The texture was more like that of a gummy bear and the artificial flavoring was much more pronounced.  They weren't gross, but they weren't as good as I remembered.  Still, I ate them up.  They have more sugar than they did in the nineties, but that's fine.  I work retail.  A 5 minute break with a handful of these and a glass of water is the difference between a dead-eyed zombie stare and the bland, stupid smile that customers are much more comfortable with. 

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