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Monday, March 21, 2011

Broaching Topics 2: I've Been Busy

I promised that I would post when I'd made more brooches, but I failed to do so.  I'm so bad.  Honestly, I haven't had an output anywhere near what I had during Holiday Bootcamp.  I've been reading and doing all sorts of non-jewelry-related activities.  Since, I've ventured away from hardcore jewelry making for the moment, I've acquired some new favorite books, the Hollows series by Kim Harrison.  I love it.  Not just because the main characters (An often clueless witch, a foul-mouthed pixy, and an angsty vampire) are well-developed and convincing as they go about their insane messed up lives, but because they inspired me.  I suppose it is because of their personalities.  I mean, it's amazing when you can grasp a person's personality so clearly that colors and shapes immediately spring to mind. 
Before I do some more reading, I'll update you on my progress with brooch-making.

Like most, I tend to start small and grow adventurous as I grasp the concepts clearly. 

Mrs. Daisy:  Not the first I've made, but among the simplest.  The wreath and rhinestone on top are off center on purpose though.  Experimenting with Asymmetrical Designs
 In the early stages, I'm mostly using things I've seen before as an example to run with, taking abstract shapes and putting them together to see how they strike me.  Gradually I build on what I've learned and combine them with a few ideas floating in my head to create a unique aesthetic.

Rubicante: Traditional brooch shape, but composition inspired by a Final Fantasy Boss

Usually, I'll start tossing in a few strange or unconventional elements that are not so abstract, just to have fun, play and see how it makes me feel. 
Flapper Princess: Fun and Flippant. 
Then, after a while, I say to myself, I want to try something REALLY different.  Then I start in on something that was supposed to be small that rapidly spirals out of control as my design muse looms over my shoulder growling, "IT'S NO GOOD!!!  IT NEEDS MOOOOOOORE!!! MOOOOOOOORE!!!!!"

A Real Cougar:  Brought to you by the letter L, a strange sense of humor and, "MOOOOORE!"
You can check out more pictures of these brooches and MOOOOORE on my deviantart page.

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  1. Ms. DD I love the flapper princess and the lion. Cute.


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