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Friday, November 5, 2010

Gifts Anyone could love

So, you're back for more, huh?  You really want to see those things that everyone would find amusing to make the whole awkward 'Getting to Know You' song and dance avoidable, huh?  Well, alright, but only because I wanted to share this stuff with you guys anyways!

Here are a couple websites that offer cute and unique things for a variety of prices.  But, before we get started, let me warn you, as a college student born to an environmentally-conscious middle class family who's mantra is 'haste makes waste', I am the virago of bargain hunting.  At the same time, I am the only child, a Leo and rather prone to spoiling myself, so I'm also really keen on good quality.  That said here ya go.

1.  The Fifteen Dollar Store: $
Yeah, who doesn't love designer stuff for JUST 15 bucks?  I know I love it! 

2.  Sock Dreams:  $ through $$
Who would have thought that you could have dreams about socks?  Well, I have dreams about THESE socks. The socks at sock dreams are all made from high quality fibers and not only do they have a broad selection of socks that will stand up to the coldest of Chicago Winters, they also have the sexiest knee and thigh-highs I've seen to date.

3.  Think Geek: 
With everything from TV remotes stylized like Harry Potter wands to Lightsaber pens to dissolving travel toiletries, Think Geek is your headquarters for all things nerdy and geeky.  Most things will be a guaranteed hit with guys because they're full of action, sci-fi guy movie goodness with wicked applications of technology in the most unexpected ways.  Hmm.. OOH!  They have power inverters!  Ahem. Anyway!...

4.  L'Occitane en Provence: $$ through $$$

As far as wholesome, sustainable luxurious health and beauty goods go, L'Occitane is THE BEST.  All of their fragrances, hair care products and body potions are made with all natural ingredients and essential oils.  I'm a big fan of their hair products and body creams.  My skin and hair have never been this soft and well nourished.

5.  eBay: $ to Infinity!
Like you didn't see THIS one coming.  Um, can I just say, you can find ANYTHING on eBay!  I've gotten everything from white gold and onyx pendants to printer ink cartridges for a fraction of their regular prices on eBay.

6.  Retroscope:  $$ through $$$
Thinking of doing period costume, or just snagging a few crazy stellar pieces?  Retroscope is one of my favorite places to window shop.  With their saucy bustle skirts and very feminine ruffled shirts, they have been on my mind since I first heard of them 3 years ago. 

7. Etsy: $ to infinity!
I have been quoted time and again that Etsy is the 'rich folks ebay', but even I can't deny that Etsy has some pretty COOL stuff on it.  I shop there all the time, for myself and for others.  There are all kinds of handmade, one of a kind gifts and 'gifts for you' to be found on Etsy, so don't knock it till you've tried it. 
Finally a Featured Etsy seller for you!
Naturalynn: Featuring handmade soaps in a variety of shapes colors and styles, Naturalynn wraps your body in affordable essential oil infused luxury.  Here are a few of my ABSOLUTE favorites

Vanilla Cupcake Soap:  

Oreo Cookie Soap: 

Cherry Limeade Popsicle Soap: 

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  1. Hi DD, Great gift ideas. Hmmm.., Maybe you're trying to tell me something. Tee Hee.


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