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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Holiday Bootcamp

A couple of weeks ago, I got a secret message from, a call to arms, the draft letter for Holiday Bootcamp! 

At first, I tried to 'dodge the draft', ignoring the summons to 'battle' because I had other commitments that are more important: school, work, church... Adding to the list would just be too much!  I couldn't sign up for 'Holiday Bootcamp'.  I barely have enough time for all my other hobbies like..reading non-school books, watching the webisodes of my favorite animes and documentaries and horror movies, reading manga and writing stories!  Holiday Bootcamp would just be too much!  It would kill me!  Oh my aching schedule! 

But then one day I got up the courage- or curiosity- to it.  Just once.  Let me tell you something... it blew my addled little mind!  Everything is intricately structured, there are lists and schedules and all kinds of hints and tips laid out like a Christmas feast for anyone brave enough to take advantage them.  The clever snakes toyed with my curiosity!  They knew that I wasn't like Eve, stupid enough to go after a plain apple.  Oh... but they bated the trap well.  They dipped my apple in caramel, chocolate and peanuts.  It went downhill from there.

I suddenly found myself inspired, almost to a point of madness. Tons of sellers on Etsy are having little 'Pre-holiday' sales, tossing out glittering treats of jewels and precious metals, candies and fairytale lures for a fraction of the normal price.  And with a mind structured like a bluejay, I cried "SHINIES!!!!" and plunged right into this hellish cycle of plotting, creating and feeling utterly bereft when the materials all run out.  It leaves me feeling validated and...fulfilled, the rush of creating something sparkling and new from something old or broken has had me humming and singing made-up songs for the last week or so.  And now, now I can't go back to 'civilian life'!  Not EVER! 

And I can do this Holiday Bootcamp thing!  I can... I've seen myself do it.  Just yesterday, I created 19 pairs of earrings, 6 leather/velvet/button hairclips, and 6 rings and planned out 5 fancy-style bead-woven and filigree slider bracelets... in less than 2 hours.  It feels good, but it's not enough.  It will never be enough!  I must have MORE! 
And so, I challenge you, the readers to join Holiday Bootcamp with me!

1. Take the pledge:  Number 0: The Pledge
2. Construct your Mission statement
3. Join the Bootcamp on Facebook
4. Find a Bootcamp Buddy
5. Read the Articles:  Number 1: Success tips, Number 2: Merchandising, Number 3: Pricing, Number 4: The Art of Bundling, Number 5: Discounting
6. List and Examine Your Most Popular Items- For yourself
7. Brainstorm Something New
8. Construct a schedule and attack plan
9. Get your rear in gear!

More updates later.  Until then, stay frosty men!  And check for updates:   My Deviantart.

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