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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting Organized

Sometimes, I could really, really just kick myself.  Last Saturday was one of those times.  The whole ordeal was...interesting.  Oh no, not interesting as in 'Oh wow!  So amazing!'.  It was interesting along the lines of 'Oh my God, WHAT have I done!??!'.  Only with more exclamation points.

Last Saturday... I opted to ... Alright, Moms take a deep breath before I say this.  Last Saturday I opted, quite freely to...
Clean.  My.  Room.
AHHH!!!! OH MY GOSH!  ...Yes.  I did it.

Well, part of it.  I only managed to clean the two worst 'corners'.  Do you know what I found?  Art supplies.  Sketches.  More art supplies.  Art supply residue (Read: the little fuzzies that drop off when you cut a piece of velvet).  Oh, did I say art supplies?

My room, usually looks like a craft store exploded in it.  There are random bits of cloth hanging out of bags, tons of unidentifiable UFOs, beads in cases and baggies, boxes of mailing supplies in case I actually have to mail something out to someone kind enough to buy something I post on Etsy or DA, and things I can't really even explain- like the really nice case for organizing beads...that had nothing in it but dust...or that pile of colorized paperclips shaped into ...non-paperclip shapes (Dog bones, cats, little swirlies... you get the picture).  I don't know why I have these things...or when I got them, they're just THERE.

So, I dumped out my art cart, drawer by drawer and found the most appalling things.  Gel pens I'd gotten in high school, markers that I hadn't known I'd had and subsequently bought MORE of ...dried out, the colored ink crusted all over them, and worst of all..BEADS.  I had beads EVERYWHERE.  It disgusted me.  When I got to cleaning out the art shelf, it was even worse.  I never knew that I'd had so many supplies, just rotting from disuse or just how much I'd mismanaged my space. 
Still, the hardest part was throwing it away.  I kept looking at markers and other things and saying 'I really could have used this...but now it's useless'.  It was even worse when it came to the beads, because no matter how many of one kind you have, you can, actually, still use them for something.  Still, it was disorganized and sometimes, taking the time to pick through and sort things out makes the whole process not worth it.

In the end, I came away with a new motto!  "If it's not in the right spot, I don't have a proper place for it, and the likelihood of me using it in the next year is lower than 40%, GET RID OF IT!"

On that note, does anyone want to chat about buying a Sega Game Gear and some games?  What about some Inuyasha and Sailor Moon stickers?  Dragon Ball Z Poster?

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