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Friday, January 17, 2014


It has been a long, long time since I posted.

I haven't been crafting very much at all but it's not completely due to lack of trying

A few years back- right when I graduated college, I began experiencing severe neurological symptoms spanning everything from migraines to temporary blindness.  The doctors couldn't diagnose me because the damage wasn't severe enough to alter my blood chemistry or leave scarring.

As frustrating as being swept under the medical umbrella term Idiopathic Neuropathy was, it wasn't a complete condemnation.  There was a chance that it would never, ever bother me again.  For a while, I only had to deal with with occasional pain and migraines, but even those were bearable.

Last year, around this time, I began to relapse.  The migraines weren't as bad, but the other symptoms were much worse.  I will admit that I was terrified.  Seizures and nerve misfires, no matter how mild, are scary, scary things.  They represent a loss of control over your own body that...well, let's say it has a way of making you feel very small, helpless and insecure.

I had thought that because the symptoms were so bad a diagnosis was imminent.  It wasn't.  ONCE AGAIN, the doctors were unable to concretely determine what was wrong with me, despite aggressively using my arms as pin cushions, having me do physical therapy, and looking inside my skull at least 3 times.  All they were able to do is palm off a heap of medication to keep me from devolving into a pitiful, convulsing wreck.

The medication is mostly to manage my symptoms and keep me from acquiring a more immediately serious secondary condition.  Muscle spasms and Raynaud's phenomenon aren't that big of a deal.  Having your CNS shut off blood to your major organs because it's less than 70 degrees outside kinda is.  I'd like to avoid internal organ damage. 

Since I'm feeling a little better, I'm doing my best to get reacquainted with my old loves: crafts.  Hopefully, I'll remember to post often enough for anyone who still reads this. 

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